Upravit stránku
  • We have built a modern aircraft that is dream of each airline pilot – fast, rigid, comfortable, versatile and well equipped.
  • We have built a modern aircraft that is dream of each pilot student – easy to fly, safe, viceless and cheap to operate.
  • Ellipse spirit is a carbon – kevlar honeycomb design, equipped by unique elliptic wing with integrated slot.
  • Wing may be equipped by optional aerodynamic speed brakes.
  • Side sticks controls and roomy cabin / 120 cm (47 in) provide high comfort, flaps and trim surfaces are electrically operated in standard.
  • Extremely rigid composite airframe has been obviously tested for flutter. During the flutter testing the oscillation was agitated at a true airspeed of V=465 km/h (at altitude of 4000m). With security factor is calculated flutter limit up to TAS= 172 kts (318 km/h).
  • Airplane is designed for maximum design speed VD 350 km/hr (190 kts) and all versions for MTOM of 600 kg, tested for g-load of 12g.
  • Max cruising speed is 275km/h, great advantage is uncompromising max speed in turbulence Vra 255km/h, highest in this category.
  • We offer retractable landing gear (trailing link type, electrically driven) or fixed gear, we offer several type of power units and almost endless optional list.
  • Our aircraft offer great joy and value for affordable costs.
  • The airframe is designed to meet all the requirements in compliance with German regulations LTF-UL for „Ultralight Aircraft“, European regulations for CS-LSA (light sport aeroplanes), U.S.FAR 23 and US LSA specification for design and performance for „Ultralight and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft“.
  • Based on flutter tests, extremely rigid composite airframe has been tested.