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This version of Ellipse Spirit is equipped with a trailing link type retractable undercarriage and an 8m span wing. It is therefore suitable for those customers who require a higher cruise speed and a long range.
This aircraft allows the maximum cruise speed of 278 km/hr (150 kts) and the range with standard 100l fuel tanks is over 1500 km (800 Nm). This version has the pilot seats in a half lying position and it is very suitable for the comfort of the pilot during long flights.
  • UL (RG) - Technical data

    Aircraft model UL (RG)

    Wing Span

    8 m (26.25 ft)


    6.55 m (21.49 ft)


    2,02 m (6.63 ft)

    Wing surfaces

    9.48  m2 (102 ft²)

    Specific empty weight (with BRS and safety fuel cells) *1

    306 kg (674 lbs)

    Maximum take-off Weight *2

    472,5 kg (1042 lbs)

    Maximum luggage weight

    25 kg (55 lbs)

    Standard Fuel Capacity *3 *4

    100 l (26 US gal)

  • Performance


    Stall speed VS0 (in landing configuration)

    62 km/hr (33 kts)

    Minimum approach speed

    90 km/hr (49 kts)

    Maximum cruise speed VH * 5

    275 km/hr (149 kts)

    Maximum Speed VNE

    315 km/hr (170 kts)

    Max. climb rate at MTOW *5

    7,2 m/s (1420 fpm)

    Max Cruise Range and Endurance (economy speed) *9*10

    1520 km (820 nm) /7,6 hrs

  • Explanatory notes:
    1. Passive crew safety is our priority, that is why Ellipse Spirit includes the rescue system already in the basic version together with the anti-crash fuel cells and a fixed slot in the leading edge (weight aprox. 25 kg).
    2. All versions are designed for maximum take off weight of 600 kg.
    3. Depends on used fuel tank - all information apply for anti crash fuel cells from production of Merin (Italy).
    4. On request of a customer, it is possible to install additional fuselage fuel tank for long flights, ranging from 20 l (5 US gal) to 60 l (16 US gal).
    5. Values for UL version with Rotax 912 ULS / LSA with UL Power 350iS.
    6. Performance shown with 45 minutes reserves and standard fuel cells.
    7. Cruise Range and Endurance of version S-LSA RG may be extended up to 2700 km (1450 nm / 14,24 hrs) by using the additional fuselage fuel tank with volume of 60l (16 US gal).
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