Upravit stránku

Besides purchase all aircraft, there is one more option - to order kit (this is actually a kind of a kit that includes all of versions of our aircraft parts). The aircrat building is up to you. People interested in this option will save significantly in comparison with the price of ready to fly machine.Building of the aircraft by yourself have a big advantage: you know exactly, which components you have installed in your machine.  Do not buy the cheapest parts. Low component price usually reflects low quality or poor materials used.

The Components from leading manufacturers will be useless if they are not correctly installed. We do not recommend working alone. The work of more than one person significantly reduces building time and also gives you a chance supervise each other.  You reduce the risk of errors in the work. We also recommend investing in an experienced professional who will check each milestone throughout the construction process of the aircraft. Only a well- built aircraft is safe and it will give you reliable service for years.