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Excellent design, stunning performance

When the dream meets the passion, excellent design and new modern technologies, you design the plane for the 21st century. Fast, reliable, agile, safe and fun to fly and ready to serve pilots the whole variety of models. 


Maximum performance and minimal drag

Ellipse Spirit uses the design of ellipsis, the best ever aerodynamical feature invented by the mother nature. It provides safety, performance, remarkable cruising speed Vh 270 km/h and astonishing Vne 315 km/h).

And still, you can land the Ellipse at 60 km/h (Vs 60 km/h) 

Short take-off and landing? So easy …

By using the fixed slot we reached excellent speed range, you can fly Ellipse Spirit Fast, and you can land it slowly. It brings safety and fun. 

21st century material

We use the high-tech carbon materials. No, no, we do not use glass fibre, it is all about carbon to be safe, light, durable and strong. 

It is all about speed

Do you need more speed? No problem, we will provide your Ellipse Spirit with the edge performance by using Edge Performance tuning of your traditional ROTAX to give sour Ellipse 135 HP of power for your comfort, safety and speed.